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Starquake Records



Starquake is an electronic music netlabel,
created at the end of 2010 by the Italian dj FM Harlock
with the aim to promote young talents.

In less than two years of life it has received wide acclaim around the world,
and it has placed its music in different advertising campaigns made by brands such as
Fendi, Mercedes-Benz and Monster Energy.

Every track and release is available for free download
under a CC BY-NC-SA License.

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Abbottabad's Hide and Seek 1
Bad Taste 1
Chasing Clashes 1
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Le Bruit Noir 1
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Quaking Stars 1
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Sound of Death 1
Starquake records 1
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Through the Horizon 1
What the fuck we are made for 1
What we are made for 1
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Date Archived
Starquake Records
by Zero Call
eye 330,716
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comment 3
In december 2010, after various experiences of indie rock projects, Andy and Frank decided to close themselves into a record studio and transform their ideas, adventures and emotions into music, mixing up their different backgrounds. It became even more spontaneus when they started using real instruments and not just a computer; the result is "A Struggle Between Right or Wrong", their first album, made of modern electro sounds combined with dark, ambient, and 80's music.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 3 reviews )
Topics: starquake, netlabel, creative commons, zero call, zerocall, disco, nu disco, electro, synth, dark,...
Starquake Records
by The Crossfaders
eye 11,860
favorite 0
comment 1
Shake your ass to the beat of the Crossfaders' electro sabers, funky groove and dubstep sounds! And the surprises aren't over, because in addition to the 3 original tracks there are also as many remixes by Sebastian Love, NiHiL and Arcade Discoforgia. Freshness has never been so cool!
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: starquake records, netlabel, creative commons, free download, crossfaders, sebastian, love, nihil,...
Starquake Records
eye 1,201
favorite 0
comment 0
Coming up from the underground, dusting himself off, standing in a gloomy worrying light, here comes the very first EP from Italian producer DISCOFORGIA. A nocturnal and sinister exorcism, a distorted electrified remedy, a raging and hectic effort toescape from what we are all headed for. Including remixes by Monopunk, OHHNO!, Strausz, Smitech Wesson and The Crossfaders, and a featuring with Sebastian Love. Handle carefully.
Topics: netlabel, electro, electronic, discoforgia, rip, cemetery, epitaph, monopunk, smitech wesson,...
Starquake Records
by Les Enfants à  Points
eye 895
favorite 0
comment 1
As a rainbow after the Dark Matter storm, here comes Volume 1, Les Enfants à Points' first work. Let your soul fly with the sound created by this brand new duo, composed by the Italian Franz S. from Totentanz and the French Romain. Including 3 originals tracks and a Les Enfants à Points remix of Welcome Back Sailors' "About Us". The 2nd track, Desert, has been used by the world famous fashion brand Fendi in the ost of the promotional video of their "Han River Fashion...
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: Starquake records, netlabel, creative commons, free download, les enfants à points, here i am...
Starquake Records
by Sebastian Love
eye 701
favorite 1
comment 0
Julie Star EP is a gift, a gift for a special person, one of those you would never leave and forget, that stole your heart and makes you as high as wind ruffling her hair in your eyes. Sebastian Love is proud to present 2 original tracks plus a featuring with Is and 2 remixes by Arcade Discoforgia and Axton Frick. Please, hold my hands and never say goodbye.
Topics: julie star, starquake, netlabel, free download, electronic, electro, edm, ss565, axton frick,...
Starquake Records
by Starquake Records
eye 485
favorite 1
comment 0
Thank you all for this first year of life, it has been awesome and full of satisfactions...Now it's time to celebrate, and in our opinion the best way to do it is with this big compilation! It includes some of the artists that was on our first release, a new friend from the States, the winner of our "B-day Contest", some already-known names and a special acoustic version of one of our most successful tracks. Happy Birthday to us!
Topics: starquake, star-cake, netlabel, free download, mp3, nihil, stoned, discoball, professor kliq,...
Starquake Records
by Various Artists
eye 249
favorite 1
comment 0
Quaking Stars is our first release. It's our manifesto: a compilation of all the different kinds of electronic music you will find on this netlabel.
Topics: Starquake Records, Quaking Stars, stqk000, Electronic, Compilation, Existar, Lebatman, Deep Drop,...
Starquake Records
by Sebastian Love
eye 193
favorite 1
comment 0
Me and you, side by side, through the horizon: this is What we are made for, a love song. A melting and, at the same time, impossible relationship. A love that messes hearts as wind messing up hair of two deep hugging young lovers. A road beyond stars.
Topics: Starquake Records, Sebastian Love, What we are made for, What the fuck we are made for, Through the...
Starquake Records
by Axton Frick
eye 146
favorite 0
comment 0
The concept is inspired by going abroad from NYC to Sydney, Australia and by the sights and sounds of its night life, ranging with elements of dubstep, disco and electro. "Passport" shows off Axtonâs appreciation and love for EDM and captures the very essence of what makes a great night out - having the right soundtrack and being with the people you love most. Including remixes by Klepto, Bob Gravity, NiHiL and Manuel Grandi.
Topics: starquake, netlabel, free download, electro, electronic, french touch, axton frick, bob gravity,...
Starquake Records
by The Clown
eye 114
favorite 0
comment 0
"Rituals" is an esoteric experience aimed to wander overdriven worlds and weird melodic lands. Dark atmospheres are wrapping the few lights in the trip and a glare comes from the ashes...though it's just music, isn't it? Including 3 original tracks by The Clown + remixes by Discoforgia and The Bodyscanners.
Topics: starquake, netlabel, creative commons, free download, dark, electro, clown, discoforgia,...
Starquake Records
by Various Artists
eye 92
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Do you remember the Quaking Stars compilation? Well, this is its B-side. Or, better, its DARK side.
Topics: Starquake Records, Le Bruit Noir, Sound of Death, Is, Abbottabad's Hide and Seek, The Clown,...
Starquake Records
by Starquake Records
eye 90
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Say Yeah is a party created by some of the most active clubbing crews in Torino (Italy) with the aim of educating the public to experience a more European concept of electro music and environment: great names at the mixer and various ecological initiatives. Starquake takes part to Say Yeah through its very own "Starquake Stage" and publishing this mini-compilation. Say it loud, SAY YEAH!
Topics: starquake, records, starquake records, original fakes, rudemates, electro, netlabel, xxx, crew,...